Thursday, July 11, 2013

Screwattack Gaming Convention 2013 (video)

A note about the Brain and Zombie game we mention in the video:  It costs $.99 to unlock all the levels past the first 9 in the game.  When I went to purchase the levels, it let me get through the purchasing process before crashing on me.  When I open the game since then, it acts like I haven't paid for it, but I got the bill from iTunes.  I've reported the problem but haven't heard anything back yet.  Just something to be aware of before you try to purchase the game.  Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon, as it was very cute and fun to play. - Angie

Here's the link to the Engage show that Jeremy, the cool guy who taught us how to play Ticket to Ride, is doing.


  1. Oh God, the Not Quite Rave.

    Here in Chicagoland, we have an annual anime convention called Anime Central (Acen for short). And on Saturdays, they have the Soap Bubble rave type event. Now, even though I've been going to ACEN on and off since 2005, I never actually attended one of those things - until last year. Since I was in Chicago proper for once and didn't have to worry about catching the last train, I figured I might as well attend.

    The whole thing was rave-like, but because there were kids attending the con, they had to make some concessions. Like the no drinks at all thing (I did see people take something that I'm reasonably sure ecstasy). Since I don't drink, I didn't mind. In fact, I enjoyed myself. But every once in a while, everyone got a nice, unsubtle reminder that this it wasn't a proper rave when a DJ would pause and say something along the lines of "So and so - your parents are here to pick you up."

    Hearing the part about the dance party reminded me of that.

    1. I kept thinking that my Junior Prom was more fun and cooler than the Not-Rave.

    2. I've never attended any kind of prom, but that sounds terrible. At least ACEN not-rave was somewhat fun.