Monday, May 14, 2012

Episode 8 - The Hunger Games

This month we decided to talk about "The Hunger Games" book and movie, and some of the controversies surrounding it when the movie came out. There are spoilers for the movie and book but we do not speak about the subsequent books. Hope you enjoy!

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The 25 Most Racist Tweets About "The Hunger Games" Seriously, for your sanity, avoid the comments.

Amandla Stenberg (Rue) on the racist tweets

Just for funzies, there is a new brouhaha about future casting of a character named Finnick and honestly all the actors who are suggested as white alternatives don't fit the physical description nearly as well as Jesse Williams. (Ian Somerhalder is hot like burning but "golden" he is not.) Basically, what those people are saying is that they only are attracted to white guys, so this super handsome guy has to be white.