Monday, July 16, 2012

Episode 10 - The Legend of Korra

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We had a few Skype hiccups while recording, but I did my best to clean them up.

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Huge thanks to Igor for joining us this episode! Check out his photography, his livejournal, and his Urbis Arcana stories - Chicago based fiction with a supernatural twist.

Link to Republic City here. The information on the herd of  sky bison can be found on Air Temple Island, and the stuff about Zuko can be found at Central City Station. The interface is much like Pottermore, where you have to wander around and find stuff to get some of the information, or we would link you directly to it.

The similarities between Amon/Noatak and Korra are not as obvious with Noatak as an adult (though they share many facial expressions) however Noatak's teenager self is dead ringer for her. (Expressions are similar for ease of comparison.)

Angry/concentrating Adult!Amon/Noatak

Angry/Concentrating Teen!Amon/Noatak
Angry/Concentrating Korra

Similarities: Face shape in general, they get the same eyebrows when they frown (and many of their facial expressions are shared), similar nose shape, and young Amon/Noatak has a very similar hairstyle to Korra (it's not obvious in the shot taken but he wears a high pony tail and his sideburns hang loose beside his face).

Cannot find a link to the Avatar the Last Airbender videos mentioned during the podcast, it seems like the offer we were talking about (watch the series, legally, for free) is one of the following: 1 - no longer available; 2- I (Bethany) suck at finding it; 3 - we all collectively hallucinated that. Let us know which in the comments.